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Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Updated 18th February 2021


Animal Handling - Homosexual, Contemporary, Shifter romance

Ross Murphy has a single mission. Get a well paying job in the city to help save his father's farm.

He's spent his whole life helping his father keep everything afloat. The man will do anything to help a wounded or rejected animal, but it's draining them dry.

But good jobs, even in the city, are hard to come by. So Ross redoubles his efforts, listing everything he's ever done on the farm in his resume.

He gets an interview.

The company wants him to work as a personal assistant to the handsome, rich and secretive Elias Everett. It pays brilliantly and the main stipulation is to be available twenty-four seven for five days a month to assist the billionaire however he needs it. In particular, by looking after his exotic pet.

Ross doesn't see hide or hair of the elusive animal for the first few weeks, but he's worked with everything from aggressive dogs to alligators. He's sure he can handle it.

But when he steps downstairs into what amounts to a large cage to meet a pacing, growling, wolf. Ross is horrified. He's prepared to lose his job and save the poor animal from its imprisoned fate.

Only, it seems Ross has bitten off more than he'd ever expected, because when the time comes for Elias to return home, he learns the man is already there.

Apparently, there's more to the quiet businessman and snarling wolf than meets the eye.

Elevated Tensions - Homosexual, modern, office romance

*Summary to come

The Howlers* - Heterosexual, fantasy, shifter romance

Roseanna d’Carthy is in trouble. Her father is going mad and she's been thrust into the role of princess regent. No one, least of all her enemies, thinks she's ready for the task, and with war brewing on the outskirts of her kingdom, she needs help.

Her loyal knight, Sir Hansel Alden, advises her against her plan, but where else can she turn? They have the smallest army and they need to bolster it with the men and women who can turn themselves into wolves. The Howlers are her only hope.

But their leader is not like any man she's ever met. Cillian is bold and flirtatious. He has made it obvious he'd happily take her into his bed. A dangerous thing, when he already races her heart and makes her blood pump.

She should be turning her gaze to Sir Hansel Alden, but it's Cillian who plagues her mind. How can she hope to save her land when she's torn between the man her father would want her to marry, and the Howler who is meant to be nothing but a last resort?





Completed, Awaiting Publication:



Has something come off this list and you're not sure where it is? Check the "coming soon" section as it might be on the road to publication!

If you still can't find it, I might just be taking a break from it. If that's a travesty and you want to know what's happening, send me a message! I should be able to go into more detail. I might even add it back to the list if it's a popular request!

Don't forget to check back here, you never know what new ideas might be brimming!

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