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Updated 10th September 2020


Rising Heat - Homosexual, modern romance

An annoying and boring work conference certainly gets interesting when Neil Farris finds a company of firemen sharing his hotel. One of them is gorgeous and seems to be interested in him. A one-night stand with a sexy fireman? Count him in! It's not like he has to worry about seeing the man again. Right?

Garden of Cupid - Homosexual, modern romance

Will Brewer is a shy artist living with only his cat for company. He's not good with people and even worse with relationships. He would be living the life of a hermit if his eighty year old neighbour wasn't constantly roping him into tasks around her house. And he isn't the only one she's preying on.

The new and gorgeous mechanic Blain Stewart has just moved in next door. Where Will feels like an awkward fool around Blain, the mechanic finds him adorable.

Blain has just ended a long-term relationship and feels like he's starting all over again. He wouldn't mind a fresh start with the talented and charming Will. But what are the odds that a successful and gorgeous painter will not only be gay but want anything to do with a mechanic like him?


Her Hunter Returns, Book 1 of the 'Power Shards' series - Heterosexual, fantasy, modern romance

Kiera left the magical world ten years ago. She doesn't want to be a witch, she just wants to be normal. Yet, her past is coming back to haunt her in the form of Rayner Abraham; her childhood sweetheart and a Hunter of the Supernatural. He needs a witch to help him track down a magical item. He needs someone he can trust, and won't accept anyone but Kiera. But Hunters are frequently surrounded by danger, and Kiera's normal world and life are quickly put under threat.

*Currently Untitled - Lesbian, fantasy, historical romance

Tierra is kidnapped from her quiet fishing village by brutal pirates. She is terrified of what will become of her, but she refuses to give up. When the pirate ship is destroyed by an unnatural storm, Tierra believes she'll drown with the crew - but something hears her cries for help and rescues her. Tierra is brought to an island by a strange, naked woman; a creature of superstition and fairy tales - but is this creature what the horror stories would have Tierra believe?

Special Kind of Rose - Heterosexual, modern romance

Kennedy Robinson is alone on Valentine's Day. Again. At least until her brother's gorgeous friend Brenton James shows up at her door. But, he doesn't want to ask her out. He wants to know if she has the strange family heirloom that her aunt gave her on her tenth birthday. If that isn't weird enough, apparently someone else knows she has it and they aren't afraid to kill to get their hands on it. But what is so important about a really ugly crystal rose?

Completed, Awaiting Publication:


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