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Happy New Year!

Hello one and all!

2021 is finally here and my gosh, what a year 2020 has been!

I mean, besides the obvious that has been going on, for myself, there has been a lot to talk about and do. There have been cancelled trips, lockdowns and frustrations - but, there has also been more time to write and multiple novels published!

Return to Duty came out in July. It was my first novel with Pride Publishing and wow, time has flown! I still have a soft spot for that story and the characters within. Did you know, for a while, I thought about writing sequels to it? Alas, it never came to fruition. Maybe someday!

There has also been a lot I've learned since that story came out. My writing has improved, but I'm still getting the hang of blog posts and tweets! If anyone has anything they'd like to see me talk about, do let me know!

It seems amazing to think that I've had three stories (and a part in an anthology) all published in one year. That's such a fabulous amount! I wonder if I'll be able to beat that in 2021? Somehow, I have my doubts! It won't be for lack of trying, but I've got a lot more happening in my non-writing life this year.

Although, now that's got me thinking. Four things this year, and each of them rather different. Of the things I've published this year, what was your favourite?

Did you prefer an anthology with other author works alongside mine? Or were you more space inclined? Please vote and let me know! We'll see what the winner turns out to be!

And if you ever want to make a request of what you'd like to see me write more of (genres, characters, whatever!), drop me a message on social media or through the contact option in my website. I'm always happy to hear from people! Your wish might even come true 😉

For now, I've got a list stuck to a corkboard in my room of what I want to focus on. There are three or four novels that are so close to finishing but just need a tidy and rewrite. I'm determined to get them off my list and into your waiting hands!

I also have my two new novels ("Mistletoe" and "Elf&Vampire" as I've nicknamed them) that I'm working on. Information on them is on my Current WIP's blog post.

Beyond my constant writing and editing, I'm also trying to fit in some crafting projects. Two crochet blankets and some embroidery Christmas stockings (which are long overdue) are also on that corkboard.

Hopefully, 2021 will be the year for completing projects! Not a bad resolution, I say!

But, that's it from me for now. My best wishes to everyone, their friends and family. May 2021 be filled with more joys than 2020. Take care!💚 💙

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