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New Novel - Coming Sooner Than You Think!

I'm so excited to release the first look at my new novel's cover! It's everything I could have hoped for and is making me so excited to share this story with you all!

I wrote this almost two years ago. I still remember sitting hunched over my laptop with a "space romance" playlist on repeat. I had so much fun writing these characters and developing the world they live in. I used to joke to my friends that they were my "flirty space gays".

I remember finishing and editing this story to within an inch of it's prose. The excitement I felt when it was accepted will never be forgotten. I really hope you all enjoy this tale. It's one of my favourites that I've written.

If you're unfamiliar with it, I've included the summary and details below! Pre-ordering starts next month! Happy reading!



Science fiction, action/adventure, LGBT romance

Pre-order:16th June

Release: 28th July

Jay is a thief with a past he’s trying to forget. He just wants to relax, have fun and flirt with attractive men.

He’s spent the last few weeks on his favourite moon trying to get a handsome waiter into his bed. Bryce has been interested in him for weeks but has suddenly changed his tune. Jay wants to know why.

He doesn’t expect his persistence will find him witnessing a kidnapping and escaping the diner before it explodes.

Fleeing the moon to avoid being killed wasn’t in Jay’s plan. Neither was being caught by a spy agency and thrown in a cell.

Things are going from bad to worse and Jay is soon forced to face his past to protect his future.

And to place the cherry on the cake: he finally finds out why Bryce stopped flirting with him.

As if he needed any more surprises.

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