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Elizabeth's Romances

LGBT & Heterosexual Romance Author

Elizabeth is an Australian author who uses her pseudonyms to write romance stories. 

Elizabeth Hollows is for all your LGBT romance wishes. 

Elizabeth Brigard is for all your heterosexual romance fantasies. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Latest Novels for Elizabeth Hollows

Latest Novels for Elizabeth Brigard


I'm a terrible blogger and there's no use pretending otherwise. I never know what to say, but I try to update once a month with something interesting. If you want to see the latest news, click below.

What am writing now? Well, I'm a serial plot changer and often get distracted by pretty plots. But, I make sure to keep you updated with current WIPs. Below are the latest story details.

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Every so often I'll publish something on this website or with my publisher that is free to download/read. If you want the links then this is place to go for them.

Have you read all my existing work and want more? Click below to find what's on the road to publication. Maybe you'll find your next book boyfriend between the upcoming pages?

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