Garden of Cupid

by Elizabeth Hollows

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre: Modern Homosexual Romance

Pre-order: 23rd February 2021

Released: 6th April 2021

Purchase Details: Pride Publishing

Will Brewer is a shy artist living with only his cat for company. He's not good with people and even worse with relationships. He isn’t looking for a boyfriend or a relationship, he just wants to paint.


Will would happily be living the life of a hermit if his eighty year old neighbour Mrs O’Grady wasn't constantly roping him into tasks around her house.


And he isn't the only one she's preying on.


The new and gorgeous mechanic Blain Stewart has just moved in next door. Where Will feels like an awkward fool around Blain, the mechanic finds him adorable.


Blain has just ended a bad long-term relationship with a high-maintenance man who didn’t understand him. He feels like he's starting all over again and he’s hesitant for his fresh start to include the talented and charming Will.


But when Mrs O’Grady asks them to plant some flowers in her garden, the tension between them skyrockets.


They both think friendship would be safer than a new romance. But when attraction, connection and an enthusiastic old lady are pushing them together, will they be able to resist?

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