Ticket to Freedom

by Elizabeth Hollows

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre: Modern Homosexual Romance

Pre-order: 20th October 2020

Released: 1st December 2020

Purchase Details: TBA

Calvin Hughes works in a bar run by a criminal empire. He hates his life and desperately wants to escape, but is afraid of reprisal if he does.


No one who stands up to the criminals walks away alive. It’s too risky. Who would do it?


Someone like Felix.


Felix crashes into Calvin’s life and immediately throws him into danger. Felix has done the unthinkable and stolen important information from the criminals. They want him dead and after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, they want Calvin dead too.


It sounds like a disaster - but it might be everything Calvin’s ever wanted. Felix offers him a chance to escape and get a new life. All Calvin has to do is become a criminal informant.


But, with the criminals gunning for them and the police a long way away. How will either of them survive long enough to testify?


How can Calvin believe Felix when he promises he won’t let anything happen to him?

*Note: This short story was in the Hard Evidence suspense Anthology with Pride Publishing.

Twelve Dates of Christmas

by Elizabeth Hollows

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Genre: Modern Homosexual Romance

Pre-order: 27th October 2020

Released: 8th December 2020

Purchase Details: TBA

Christmas is fast approaching and like most years, Chance McKenzie is single and lonely.


It makes a Christmas themed dating service sound like a good idea. Twelve blind dates and the possibility of meeting the 'man of his dreams'? It’s worth a shot.


The brash and flirtatious Angel Tompkins, is not what Chance expects. Angel is out for a good time and doesn’t like small talk. Not only does he convince Chance to go out after their date, but he also gets Chance back to his apartment.


Angel is everything Chance never knew he wanted.  When Angel asks to see more of Chance, both in and out of the bedroom, he says yes. A two-week fling with Angel sounds like a dream come true.


But, when Angel proves romantic and kind, Chance starts to desire more than just casual sex and the occasional date.


But, they’re both on a dating service with twelve other men. What are the odds that Angel would ever want more than some fun?

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