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A Year of Books Approaches!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Hello my faithful subscribers,

I apologise for my absence, the real world has been hitting extra hard lately, but I've been fighting back! In fact, I'm here to announce that next year, I've already got the ball rolling on not one, not two, but three new novels!

(And I'm not about to stop there!)

So what do I have in store for you, my lovely readers? Well, I'll happily show you! Check out below the summaries and release months of some new romances!

THE REAL THING - Out February 2022

Chad Anderson is a proud soldier with a promising career. He’s almost got the perfect life, but for one small snag. Chad's been holding a candle for his best friend since he was seventeen.

Gareth Jenkins lives with him along with his rescue dog. It's the perfect arrangement and it's almost as good as the real thing. But it isn't the real thing.

To make matters worse, it's Valentine's Day and Chad will be returning from training for the holiday. It would be the ideal time to confess - but it's been nearly ten years. It’s long past the time to say something.

But he isn’t the only one with a candle.

Gareth might be a confident hairdresser with a flirtatious manner and easy to love personality, but it doesn’t help him where it counts. Because Gareth’s first love is his sexy soldier best friend and one of these days, Gareth is sure he’s going to ruin everything with an unwanted kiss.

And if things aren’t bad enough for both of them, Chad comes up with an idea that might spell the end for both of their secrets. Because, instead of spending Valentine’s alone, he suggests they spend it having the weekend they’ve always wanted.

To do it, they’ll fake being a romantic couple. When what they want is playing out right in front of them, can either man keep their feelings contained?

RISING HEAT - Out April 2022

Neil Farris is your typical "love 'em and leave 'em" type. He's been told his biggest fear is commitment, but he's not bothered by it. He doesn't see the point of a long-term relationship. He either gets bored or his partners realise he's too bossy and scathing. It's easier to stick to one-night stands.

When his boring work conference in Brisbane sends him to the wrong hotel. He finds himself surrounded by gorgeous firemen. Luckily for him, one of them is gay and interested in a good time.

Scott Fields is everything Neil looks for in a fling. Gorgeous, good in bed and temporary. He's also nice and considerate, which is a bonus. It's a shame he only gets two nights with the fireman before he's returning home.

However, much to his surprise, he runs into Scott a few days later. It turns out they're both from the same town. When Scott asks him out Neil is hesitant, but agrees. He really isn't interested in dating or relationships. Can the sweet and sexy fireman change his mind?


Rico Hanthorn is a member of the Angels of Mercy bike club. His father is the leader and groomed him from a young age to join them. Rico has been an enforcer for years. When rivals encroach on their territory, he is sent to deal with them. He knows his enemies if not by name, then by face.

And there's one enemy he knows better than most thanks to a stupid mistake in his youth.

Rico has endeavoured to forget about it. Something only helped by his most recent task of keeping an eye on his younger sister. Angelica is rebelling and his father wants her kept in line. He's a glorified babysitter, but his father's word is law.

Across the city, Pearce Walton is from the Demon Riders. The rival gang who, despite being smaller, have grappled with the Angels for decades. Raised by his uncle since he was four, Pearce lives and breathes the club's culture. He's only ever had one cause for regret and he's spent years hiding and learning from that mistake.

No one knows his secrets, especially his cousin Benny whom Pearce has been tasked with monitoring to make certain he'll be ready for initiation.

But when Pearce finds Benny entangled in an affair with Angelica, the two men are forced to face their past head on. Because Rico and Pearce are gay men in straight clubs. They're also rivals and enemies - but for a few days over ten years ago, they were lovers.

Are you as excited as I am? Because I can't wait to bring these stories to you and see what you think of our new heroes!

So keep an eye on my coming soon page for details/links of where to pre-order and purchase all these new goodies! (Who knows, they could be a Christmas gift for yourself or someone else 😉)

As always, take care! I'll try to be back again soon with more releases, but with Christmas only a bit over a month away, we'll see if life manages to overwhelm again.

Best wishes!

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