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Bestselling Books - The Real Thing #1

The title might have given it away, but I'm still delighted and honoured to be able to say that "The Real Thing" is bestselling on my publisher's websites for "coming soon" novels.

This has honestly made my day and I'm so chuffed! What a wonderful way to start the New Year! And because I couldn't resist snapping some pictures for myself, I've also included it here.

There my novel is claiming that coveted top spot!

And to be surrounded by so many good stories and popular authors? I haven't stopped smiling!

I know I keep yammering on about this story (and adding too many exclamation marks), but it's coming out soon! February 1st in fact! So don't forget to mark it on the calendar, pre-order it and meet your next book boyfriends!

This story is a soft, character-driven MM romance full of Valentine's clichés, fake relationships and, of course, a HEA.

And if that isn't enough to tempt you, stay tuned for details on a giveaway campaign with a value of $50! Maybe you'll get extra lucky and win yourself something nice. I'll be announcing more in the coming days and weeks so if you aren't already there, come follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

And since we're speaking of The Real Thing, how about a little excerpt teaser?

Still not convinced? Well, maybe the other two novels coming out this year will be more to your tastes. One has some light BDSM and enemy bikers while the other has commitment issues and firemen and is set in Australia. What's not to love?

These stories are also released within days of each other in April, so no need to choose between them. You can get them right after the other 😉 And if I play my keyboard and muse right, there be more to come this year too.

Currently, I'm working on a Werewolf Billionaire romance which should hopefully be out in October. (And, I should probably get back to looking over the current chapter and getting some more prose for it.😅 )

So, I'll sign off by saying, thank you to all the readers who have pre-ordered The Real Thing and got it to the top spot, you've truly made my day!

And, belated though it might be, Happy New Year my followers and readers! I hope it is a wonderful 2022 for you!💚🧡

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