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Bumps in the Road

Hello everyone!

I have a confession to make. I can be very stubborn and determined. If I set a goal, I want to complete it. I will go to great lengths and no amount of spitting, cursing, crying or drudgery will stop me from achieving it. I will suffer for my writing and for my goals.

I am currently particpating in National Novel Writing Month. My goal is to write 50,000 words in a month and complete my novel "Special Kind of Rose". I am a very obsessive Nano writer. I have to get the minimum recommended wordcount each day (roughly 1,667 words) or I will be annoyed with myself.

This month, I set my goal for 2,000 words every day. I was doing brilliantly. 2,000 every day. And then July 8th hit and I felt a little under the weather. July 9th, I ploughed ahead, made up my missing words.

Then, my cold hit me full force.

My words plummeted and the rare thing that could shake my stubborness hit me.

I won't compromise my health. I know that life doesn't always allow us that luxury, but I wanted to make this post for any NaNoers out there. Heck, anybody out there with a goal or a project.

Because while it might pain me to lay back and only write a hundred words (I refused to not update with something. Hello stubborness!) I know that this goal is moveable. It's flexible. I'd rather work harder tomorrow than make myself feel worse today.

So where I could look at those 100 words and see my goal diminished. I actually look at those words and think, "Well, that was an annoying hurdle. But, at least I took care of myself. I guess, I'll just have to work harder later in the month."

Some days, you've gotta be the tortoise rather than the hare if you want to win the race!

So, my advice to you (and to myself!) is that every goal is allowed a break, especially if you're not feeling well. You're the only one who is going to be judging you. And that means, you can declare yourself innocent.

Health, family, friends and life are allowed to come first. And if you still want to hit that goal, well, that means just working that bit harder the next day. And lets face it there is nothing wrong with that!

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