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Caught in Your Boxers - Elizabeth Hollows

1797 words. Male/Male. Modern Suspense Romance


Daniel had been in a lot of crap situations in his life. Standing in his boxers, his hands in the air and with a gun pointed at him was pretty high up on his “bad-day-o-meter”.

“Hey man,” he said, trying to sound cool and collected in the face of a loaded pistol. “We can work this out.”

“No,” the man said tersely. “We can’t. Where are the diamonds?”

Well, shit.

“What diamonds?” he asked, keeping his eyes on the intruder.

He definitely didn’t look at his discarded shirt which had a mustard stain. The shirt that was currently thrown over the very bag of diamonds the man was asking about.

“The ones you stole an hour ago.”

“I think I’d remember doing that.”

The man cocked the trigger and Daniel started mentally preparing ways to get out of the situation. All he needed to do was keep the guy distracted until he could get the gun out of his hands.

“Now, hey man. How about we just cool down a bit? Do you really want to shoot me? Nasty mess that makes. Blood everywhere. Do you want to be responsible for blood everywhere?”

The man pulled in a breath. It was a calming breath. Daniel knew the kind. He’d made his brothers do that a lot growing up so they wouldn’t pummel him. It actually boded well, if the guy was trying to calm down, it meant he was less likely to blow Daniel’s brains out in a fit of anger.

“I know you stole the diamonds,” he said, his voice firm. “I watched you.”

Daniel blinked. He almost protested the blatant lie before realising he was meant to be denying his involvement. Still, his reputation was on the line and it grated. He was a world-class thief, thank you very much. He didn’t have people watch him. He was invisible. He was Daniel bloody Allen. No one got a free show to his perfectly executed single-handed heists.

“If you know so much about supposed diamond thefts,” Daniel said. “How come you don’t know where they are?”

He was sure the man’s nostrils flared, but it was hard to tell. His assailant had on a black hoodie disguising his hair and most of his features. Black material covered his nose and the lower half of his face. He could tell that his gun-happy intruder had fair skin and brown eyes, but that wouldn't make him stand out in a crowd.

He, on the other hand, was naked but for some very nice blue silk boxers. He knew he shouldn’t have made a mess with that hot dog. Otherwise, he might have looked a little more respectable in front of fellow thieves.

Which, actually.

“Isn’t there meant to be honour amongst thieves?” He asked. “A gun seems a bit heavy-handed. Shouldn’t you be beating me at my own game?”

“Those diamonds were mine to steal,” he snapped. “I was hired for them.”

“Oh really?” He asked, feeling curious.

He’d never really enjoyed the hiring business. He was more freelance. He liked the challenge and triumph of picking his targets and selling them to the highest bidder. Sometimes, he stole from the rich to give back to the museums. It was all about the challenge and the thrill.

The only reason he wanted the diamonds was to prove he could get them – and maybe make a profit.

“Yes,” the man said. He stepped closer and Daniel’s gaze strayed back to the gun, feeling wary. “I had everything planned until you showed up.”

“Well, I do hate to rain on a fellow thief’s parade.” He tilted his head thoughtfully. “I’ll tell you what. Let me see who I’m dealing with and I’ll give you the diamonds.”

The gun slackened, just a little, enough to show surprise and that the owner wasn’t as familiar with them as he made out.


“Yeah,” Daniel said, already sold to the idea. “I’m feeling generous. I mean, you also managed to find me here and, by your account, watched me in action. I’m finding you a lot more intriguing than the diamonds.”

Because, Daniel liked a thrill. That’s what had hooked him on stealing. Now, he was intrigued by the man in front of him. He had a gun but didn’t seem lethal and had crept up on him when Daniel hadn’t come anywhere near being caught in over five years.

He had to know who had bested him in a match he hadn’t realised he was playing.

The man seemed uncertain. Daniel flashed his most charming smile. It helped him get into places he really shouldn’t be by flustering the men and women who were guarding the spaces. It made recon very easy. While he was more partial to a handsome man than a gorgeous woman, he didn’t split hairs when he had a heist on his mind.

Thankfully, this man was just as susceptible as anyone else when faced with his charm. He kept his gun levelled at Daniel but he pulled down the face covering. Daniel blinked.

“Hey, wait a second. I know you.”

It took a moment to place it, but when he did, Daniel snapped his fingers. He didn’t lower his hands, but he loosely pointed.

“Yeah. You’re that fraudster’s kid.”

The guy instantly bristled, just like he expected. One of the main things he remembered was respect and praise for his dear old Dad. Daniel loved to needle people.

“He tried to get me to steal an emerald a few years back,” Daniel continued. “Then he wanted me to play master and apprentice. Damn, I didn’t realise he wanted me to teach you.”

The man glared.

“My father is the best art forger in the world. He deserves more respect.”

“Eh.” Daniel shrugged. “I’d go as far as the best in Europe.”

The man's glare deepened and Daniel remembered the gun. It was all good to rile him, but not if it came with being shot.

“That’s still high praise!” he insisted. “Europe has some of the best forgers! If he wasn’t good, I wouldn’t give him paintings to copy.”

It was a good sideline. He stole the art, Klein copied them and they both made a fabulous profit. But, Klein was getting into his late sixties now and was retiring from the game. It was the only reason Daniel had listened to his proposition. He’d been attending the man’s retirement party and been introduced to the family.

Three sons, two dogs and a wife.

The man in front of him was the youngest son. Only in his mid twenties with doe eyes and messy black hair. Daniel had noticed how attractive he was but he hadn’t wanted to seduce Klein’s son right under his nose.

Now, he was a lot more willing to reconsider it.

“Sooo,” he drawled. “Cameron, wasn’t it?”

Cameron nodded, tilting up his chin. “Yes. Cameron Klein.”

Daniel’s lips twitched. “An aspiring thief with a perchance for violence.”

“I don’t do violence!”

“You have a gun, sweetheart. That’s pretty violent.”

“Don’t call me that,” Cameron said, his cheeks flushing. “And I wasn’t going to shoot you.”

“Oh good. So, I can lower my hands now?”

He was already starting to put them down. Cameron didn’t stop him. Daniel thought about it for a split second before sliding them over his chest. He made a show of checking he was all in one piece. He saw Cameron’s gaze run over his body before he swallowed roughly.

Got you.

Daniel could barely keep a Cheshire smile off his lips. He stepped forward.

“Now, since we’re back on a first name basis, how about we drop the gun, hmm?”

He put his hand on the metal, gently pushing it. Cameron lowered it without fuss. Daniel took the opportunity to let his hand skim over Cameron’s and then up his arm. Cameron’s eyes were wide.

Standing this close, he could see how much of his earlier actions had been cocky bravado and determination. Hell, Daniel was impressed. If he’d had half the balls this guy did at his age… well, he probably did have as many balls. Plus twice as much experience. He hadn’t had a cushy childhood with a forger father. He’d grown up rough and been stealing cars by twelve.

“Now, a deal’s a deal,” Daniel said. “I’ll give you the diamonds. But, I think we need to work on your intimidation skills. You’re not going to be any use as a thief if a half-naked man flusters you so much.”

“It doesn’t!” Cameron insisted hotly.

Daniel grinned.

“Yeah, it does.”

He didn’t let the man reply before he ducked forward and caught Cameron’s lips in a kiss. Cameron gasped but he quickly groaned. His free hand grabbed Daniel’s arm. He tried to press them even closer. His enthusiasm was sweet, maybe even a little charming.

But, although he would happily get the younger man in bed, he had a secondary motive.

It took those few seconds of distraction for Daniel to disarm him and pull away with the gun. He pressed it against Cameron’s chest with a cheerful smile. Cameron froze, his pink cheeks rapidly turning pale.

He tapped the man’s sternum.

“And that is why you don’t get flustered by a good-looking guy.” Daniel lifted the gun and mock-tapped it against Cameron’s temple. “Bam. You’re out for the count. I’m escaping with diamonds, a gun and whatever you’ve got in your wallet.”

Cameron glowered and Daniel pulled away from him.

“Now. You’re going to tell me how you managed to watch my heist and who hired you and then, we’ll work out whether we give them the diamonds or not. Then, if I’m feeling particularly generous, I’ll fuck you on the bed before we start your training.”

“I… you… what?” Cameron blurted.

Daniel twirled the gun around his finger. He’d never been much for weapons, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t use one.

“Well, your Dad’s word wasn’t enough for me to teach you, but you’ve impressed me. I’m willing to give you a spin.” He looked the man up and down. “In more ways than one.” A delightful pink flooded Cameron's cheeks. “So, what do you say, kid?”

“Don’t call me kid,” he instantly snapped. “I’m not much younger than you.”

Daniel’s smile widened.

“I’ll call you whatever I like, sweetheart. That’s the perk of being the teacher to the padawan. You’re about to get orgasms and a career as a thief out of it. Still going to complain?”

Cameron noticeably thought about it before slowly shaking his head in a negative. Just for that, Daniel closed the distance and kissed him again. He was always happy to reward a fast learner.

Especially when they were as interesting and thrilling as Cameron Klein.


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©2021 by Elizabeth Hollows. All Rights Reserved. This story is a work of fiction and is the author’s original work. Any resemblance to real people or locations is entirely coincidental. No part of this work may be used or reproduced without written consent from the author.

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