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I'm Still Kicking!

Hello all,

This is just a quick little update. Life has been full of hectic run-off-my-feet moments. But I have been getting some writing squeezed in around the edges!

Firstly, my contemporary novel 'Rising Heat' has been accepted for publication and will be coming out next April, yahoo! I also have a few other novellas in the works. So if you're a fan of my novel 'Garden of Cupid' keep an eye out for updates about 'The Real Thing'.

And on the subject, a big thank you to all my lovely readers. I've received such kind feedback and thoughts on 'Garden of Cupid'. I'm so thrilled to see the enjoyment people have gained from it! You all brighten my day!

Other than those little updates, what else has been going on?

Well, I've been on Facebook quite a bit recently where I've been participating in live writes on some lovely groups. What are live writes, you might ask? That's where myself and another author receive a prompt and over the course of an hour we write the story live in the comments! It's a lot of fun! If you want to know more about them (and aren't already following me) come learn more about my daily writing via updates on Facebook.

And if you want to know what stories are coming up soon, check out my 'Current Works in Progress' page as that is frequently updating with project summaries.

For now, that's about all I've got happening. Too many balls in the air to stay still for very long.

But thank you for reading and staying interested! Here's hoping for some new publications and positive updates soon. Take care everyone.

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