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Life by the Computer

Good afternoon!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel a little like wile e coyote chasing the elusive road runner. Only my nemesis is plot lines, deadlines, chapters and social media. There always seems to be so much to do and so little time.

So what has been happening? Well, I'm glad you're curious!

The Hard Evidence anthology I'm part of is coming out in only five days! It seems only yesterday I was editing that story! If you haven't already grabbed a pre-order copy, you can find one at your favourite digital store.

Ticket to freedom (my short story in the anthology) is coming out in ebook form in December. It has a gorgeous cover which I've included below along with the summary. Check out its loveliness.

When Calvin wishes for a knight in shining armor to save him from the criminals he works for, the last thing he expects is Felix.

Calvin Hughes works in a bar run by a criminal empire. He hates his life and desperately wants to escape, but he is afraid of reprisal if he does.

No one who stands up to the criminals walks away alive. It’s too risky. Who would do it?

Someone like Felix.

Felix crashes into Calvin’s life and immediately throws him into danger. Felix has done the unthinkable and stolen important information from the criminals. They want him dead and, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time, they want Calvin dead too.

It sounds like a disaster—but it might be everything Calvin’s ever wanted.

What about new works of mine, you might be asking? Well, look no further!

My fireman story Rising Heat is being edited and polished as we speak. It's a nice little story set in Australia about taking a chance on love and learning how to be a part of a long-term relationship.

When I manage to complete that story, I will be working on my next novel! It's a spring-themed story called Garden of Cupid and only has a chapter written so far, but I'm keen to get more penned. The working summary is below:

Will Brewer is a shy artist living with only his cat for company. He's not good with people and even worse with relationships. He would be living the life of a hermit if his eighty year old neighbour wasn't constantly roping him into tasks around her house.

And he isn't the only one she's preying on.

The new and gorgeous mechanic Blain Stewart has just moved in next door. Where Will feels like an awkward fool around Blain, the mechanic finds him adorable.

Blain has just ended a long-term relationship and feels like he's starting all over again. He wouldn't mind a fresh start with the talented and charming Will. But what are the odds that a successful and gorgeous painter will not only be gay but want anything to do with a mechanic like him?

And if all of that isn't enough on my plate, I've got a crochet blanket to finish, a christmas embroidery stocking to complete and a new novel to prepare for National Novel Writing Month in November.

Excuse me while I go speed off after my plot bunny-road-runners and leave a cartoon cloud behind my racing form.


Interested in more updates or want to drop me a message? Find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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