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New Story - "Three Wishes"

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

I'm excited to announce my new homosexual romance novel, "Three Wishes".

This story is about wish fulfillment and happily ever afters. It's a novel about growth, magic and remembering what it's like to fall in love.



When Danny bought a lantern as an impulse purchase, the last thing he expected was for there to be a handsome genie inside. Danny also wouldn’t have believed that the gorgeous Hadir would want to have sex with him, but since Danny is sure he’s dreaming, he’s quick to say yes to the proposition.

But when it turns out his magical man isn’t just a fantasy but a living, breathing granter of wishes, Danny has to think about what he’s going to wish for while enjoying Hadir’s long kisses and soft smiles in the meantime.


If you've ever wanted to find yourself with a handsome, magical genie, this might be the story for you!

You can find the story here at MLR books! You can find the excerpt of the first chapter here!

Please note: this story contains mature content, by clicking this link you are acknowledging you are old enough to view such content.

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