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Out of the Depths of A Busy Life

Hello everyone!

Myself, like most of you (no doubt) have been having a very busy few months!

First there was Halloween. My little ghoul heart had a blast decorating my house with pumpkins, spiderwebs and old books. So.. very little difference to parts of my house year round.🕷 🕸 But it's always a fun way to spend the spooky season.

I've also been making, buying and preparing Christmas gifts. The end of the year really is fast approaching, isn't it?

But never fear, I have been writing too! I'm almost finished a new novel called Garden of Cupid which has taken me on a few twists and turns. Despite this, I'm excited for it. The character dynamics are... different then I usually write, but that has been fun to play around with.

If you aren't familiar with the concept of it, here is a summary:

Garden of Cupid - Homosexual, modern romance

Will Brewer is a shy artist living with only his cat for company. He's not good with people and even worse with relationships. He would be living the life of a hermit if his eighty year old neighbour wasn't constantly roping him into tasks around her house. And he isn't the only one she's preying on.

The new and gorgeous mechanic Blain Stewart has just moved in next door. Where Will feels like an awkward fool around Blain, the mechanic finds him adorable.

Blain has just ended a bad long-term relationship and feels like he's starting all over again. He's hesitant for his fresh start to include the talented and charming Will. But when attraction, connection and an enthusiastic old lady are pushing them together, will he be able to resist?

What else?

Well, I've signed up for NaNoWriMo again. I had planned to start a new novel (and complete it the proper way) but life has become so hectic I've decided, any words are good words. I've been finishing Cupid but when that's done I'll be working on whatever story inspires me the most from one given day to the next.

However, I do particularly want to work on a mystery love story between an elf and vampire. Oh! And an American going 'Down Under' for Christmas with his Aussie best friend. We'll see what the muses allow in the coming weeks.

In regards to new (and upcoming) works, there is a short story and a novel on the way!

If you missed my story Ticket to Freedom in the Hard Evidence anthology it is now being released as a solo work.

You can check out the information on the anthology of suspense stories here.

The individual story is available for pre-order at Amazon here. It will be released on the 1st of December.

But, if you're not feeling like reading suspense (or have already enjoyed Ticket to Freedom in the suspense anthology!) then I have a fabulous and sexy Christmas story for you to sink your teeth into!

Twelve Dates of Christmas is available for pre-order at Amazon here. It will be released on the 8th of December!

What a busy end to the year this will be and next year looks like it will only remain hectic and jam-packed! Despite the frantic schedule I have at the moment, I'm excited to share more stories with you in the future!

As always, thanks for tuning in and reading these blog posts and checking out my books! Feel free to drop me a line on any of my social media channels or through the 'Contact the Author' option on the front page.

Take care everyone and happy reading!🧡 💛

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