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Return to Duty - Upcoming Novel

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

It is my great pleasure to announce that my sci-fi romance manuscript “Return to Duty” has been accepted by Pride Publishing!

I am looking forward to sharing this story with everyone! I want to thank my friends and readers for their support and enthusiasm about this novel.

Soon, it will be available for purchase. I can’t wait to share Jay’s tale!

For anyone new to the story, enjoy the below summary:

A scruffy outlaw named Jay has been flirting with the waiter who works at the diner on his favourite moon – but, he hasn’t been getting anywhere.

When the bar gets blown up, he’s ninety percent sure it’s got nothing to do with him. But, after fleeing the moon together in Jay’s spacecraft, Jay is quick to get dragged into a life and past he’d rather forget.

Jay is beginning to learn that there’s more to this ‘simple’ waiter than meets the eye.


If you're interested in more updates I can now be found on twitter as well as facebook. Come say hi!

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