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Return to Duty - Pre-order Avaliable

Hello everyone!

I am so very pleased to announce that you can now pre-order my sci-fi homosexual novel! Hooray!

You can grab it on Amazon or with Pride Publishing!

Can't remember what it's about? Well! Have a summary!

Jay never thought attraction would get him into so much trouble. First an explosion, now a spy agency. This man had better be worth it.

Jay is a thief with a past he’s trying to forget. He just wants to relax, have fun and flirt with attractive men. He has spent the last few weeks on his favorite moon doing just that with the handsome waiter who works at the local diner. Bryce has shown clear interest in him but has suddenly changed his tune. Jay wants to know why.

He doesn’t expect that his persistence will find him witnessing a kidnapping and escaping the burning diner before it explodes.

Fleeing the moon to avoid being killed wasn’t in Jay’s plan. Neither was being caught by a spy agency and thrown in a cell. Things are going from bad to worse and Jay is soon forced to face his past to protect his future.

And to place the cherry on the cake, he finally finds out why Bryce stopped flirting with him. As if he needed any more surprises.

This story is full of action, adventure, men who are in and out of uniforms and all with a science fiction backdrop!

And if you want to know what else I have in store, keep up with me on:

I have more fabulous announcements coming your way soon! Stay tuned!

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