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Up and Coming Works - Spaceships, Firemen and Cowboys. Oh my!

What a busy month it's been! The publishing of Three Wishes has made for some exciting times - but, this is only the start!

I've turned my focus on both new and old stories in a bid to have them grace my "published works" page. Previous subscribers will know I like to keep a "to work on" list. It doesn't have an order, it just has ideas I'm keen to pen.

I also have a second "to edit" list, because there are a surprising amount of completed works just needing an overhaul or extension.

So please find below my current writing plans! (*titles and wordcounts subject to change)

*Rising Heat, 30k

An annoying and boring work conference certainly gets interesting when Neil Farris finds a company of firemen sharing his hotel. One of them is gorgeous and seems to be interested in him. A one-night stand with a sexy fireman? Count him in! It's not like he has to worry about seeing the man again.

This story is two thirds written and just needs the final chapters. I'm hoping to finish that this month.

*Return to Duty, 50k

A scruffy outlaw named Jay has been flirting with the waiter who works at the diner on his favourite moon - but, he hasn’t been getting very far. When the bar gets blown up he’s ninety percent sure it’s got nothing to do with him. But after fleeing the moon together in Jay’s spacecraft, Jay is quick to get dragged into a life and past he’d rather forget. Jay also starts to realise that there’s more to this ‘simple’ waiter than meets the eye.

This story is complete and just needs to be edited. I'm hoping to start doing that by the beginning of next month.

*Head Over Boots, 20k

The American Frontier was rough and dangerous. It fitted Benjamin Adams down to the bone. He was a drifter, moving from town to town and travelling alone. Meeting Ernest Jones, a man with an affinity for horses, changes things. He doesn't expect that friendship and a longing to be around the man will morph into a deeper affection.

This story is drafted, but I wish to edit and extend the story as there is more potential in it that I want to explore.

*Confined Spaces, 12k

Work colleagues and hated rivals Sam & Jonas get trapped in an elevator late at night. Normally someone is there to pull them apart when they argue - but with nothing to keep the tension from mounting, something is going to have to give.

This story needs a cursory edit, but should be ready to publish soon.

Stay tuned and subscribe to my website for future updates! If you're interested in even one of these stories, you won't want to miss out!

I'd also love to know what has captured your attention! Please vote in the below poll. It might even inspire me to focus my attention on the winning favourite!

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