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Happiest Christmas to One and All!

To all my lovely readers, subscribers, followers and friends,

I'm wishing you all a delightful Christmas full of great gifts, wonderful books, favoured sweets and time with the people you love!

I've got a hectic week ahead as I'm sure many do this time of year.

There are presents to wrap, batteries to change in the LED lights and my Grinch pyjamas to fluff and pull on.

Times have been tough lately as we all know, but I hope everyone is able to find some Christmas cheer this time of year!

I have to say, the things giving me joy are my family, my plans for 2022 and some delightful five star reviews that 'Twelve Dates of Christmas' has received this month. I'm so delighted last year's Christmas story is bringing such joy in 2021.

A big thanks to Amanda for her lovely Goodreads review. There have been even more coming in and each one gives me a huge smile

While it's been hard to pen word to paper this month due to how busy things have been, I'm working hard to keep up the flow of new titles next year. So keep your eyes peeled and check the "Current Works in Progress" blog post for continual updates! Goodness knows it keeps changing and rotating as inspiration stalls or strikes.

Thank you for all your love and support in 2021. Let's make next year even better and more exciting! Catch you in the new year!

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