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Rollercoaster Month

Well, what a month July was! I'm not sure where to start.

I signed up for National Novel Writing Camp, as I always do in July, but my goodness did the real world interrupt and make writing difficult! I ended up just shy of 50k words with 46,137. I'm still happy with that, all things considered. I'm also very proud of myself for not pushing until I made the wordcount. I allowed myself to fail which is an achievement for me.

Another reason I chose to stop was because the novel I was writing (Special Kind of Rose) is still a few chapters from being finished and two thousands words over my 50k limit. Whoops. This story is looking to be much larger than I intended. I've decided to go through and edit it to see if I can shave off any words or whether I will have to accept my inevitable defeat and let the story develop until it reaches 60k or 70k. Only time will tell.

And, if that hasn't been enough Return to Duty has been published and Ticket to Freedom (part of the Hard Evidence anthology) is now on Pre-order! I still feel a little astonished that all of this is happening. It's been a lifelong dream to be writing professionally, to see things start to blossom leaves me a little mystified.

But! That's no reason to rest on those laurels!

I have two novels to edit and even more to write! Stay tuned for more updates on what's happening or check the Current Works in Progress page for a list of all the novels I'm working on and their summaries.

Take care everyone! I hope to have more novels out to you soon!

Happy reading!

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